I am a breastfeeding advocate, I am passionate about helping mothers who wish to breastfeed but are encountering issues that are making meeting their personal breastfeeding goals difficult, be it latching issues, emotional or traumatic events preventing a mother from direct nursing or having to return to work.
I do not sell anything on my blog, I do not receive profits, kickbacks or commission on any sales made from reviews, I have on occasion been gifted a pump for the sole purpose of writing an honest review on the product.

I do not charge mothers for advertising in any form, the “support my mommy” directory is to help mothers get their work from home business or passion and is a free service.

I am not here to push women into breastfeeding or pumping, I am here solely to encourage, support and give information to mothers who are struggling with breastfeeding or pumping in my own personal time and capacity, I am a stay at home mother who is passionate about uplifting and supporting fellow mothers.

Any queries, complaints or requests can be sent to exclusivepumperssa@gmail.com, alternatively you are welcome to check out our Facebook page or request to join our support group.