Snookums Manual Pump
Guest reviewer: Luzanne Carstens

I can really say a lot about this pump, I used it in a emergency but there is also not a lot to say about it.

Its a manual pump and it did the job but is definitely hard work and NOT recommended for long term use.

A friend of mine went back to work using this pump and in less than 2 months her milk had gone, obviously there is a little stress involved to but there is NO stimulation in this pump.

I would say it’s a very good back up just to have if something does happen because it’s cheap and would do the job, I have actually heard of women having more success using the Snookems than other manual pumps short term.

But If you are pumping more than 3 times a week this is not for you!

The Snookums breast pump retails between R200 and R400 depending where you shop.

Spares are not easily available and there is no after sale service this pump available.