Pigeon Manual Pump by Hayley O’Dell

This is one of my back-up pumps that I use, it retails between R650 and R800 depending on where you buy it from.

The flange sheild is a bit on the small side compared to my usual pump (which would most likely suit most average breast sized mothers), this does not effect the flange diameter (which is still the average 24mm size), they unfortunately do not offer different sized flanges.

The handle is comfortable but quite stiff to start with, it takes a little practice to not “feel the burn” while pumping. I do not feel that this pump is not intended for long term exclusive pumping, it is more suited to part-time pumping at work or on occasion. That being said overall this is a wonderful little pump.

The whole pump comes apart and can be washed and sterilized easily, its relatively quiet and suction is average. I really love that the whole pump is washable as I tend to keep this pump in my bag for when out and about, another bonus is that its very lightweight and not as bulky as other manual pumps. Another bonus is that the flange fits easily onto a host of other bottles, which for someone who’s child has a very strong bottle preference this comes in really handy when traveling because I don’t have to bring along pump bottles as well as feeding bottles and I don’t have to decant which risks spilling my hard earned milk!

I personally found that the bottles became brittle and broke easily with the frequent sterilizing which was unfortunately a necessity for us. The manufactures however assured me that through proper care this is avoidable and very uncommon.

If you are looking for a pump to use once or twice a day while at work or on occasions for donation, then its well worth the money.

This has been a very handy little pump, great for sticking in my handbag or overnight bag when out and about.