NUK Luna Electric Single Electric by K. Van Rheede.

I am so impressed with this pump!

Here goes with the technical stuff :

1. Power – The Luna can be run on mains or 3 x AAA batteries. (It also comes with adapters so if you are a world traveller there will be no problems plugging into mains.)

*Most pumps I’ve heard of or seen take batteries too, I like that the option is there to be mobile. A day trip further away made easier by being able to pump in the car, instead of rushing to be home at an appointed pumping time.

2. 2Phase Rhythm – First to stimulate milk flow & the Second to express milk efficiently.
All done with one on/off button, so when its switched on it starts with phase 1 to stimulate then all it needs is a press of the on/off button again to go to phase 2 for expressing at optimum levels, suction can also be adjusted with the easy +/- dial on the side in both phases and to end the pumping session just press the on/off button a third time.

*Suction feels softer than I’m used to and I was very doubtful whether my output would be the same, but I was surprised to see I had expressed the same as usual in less time and with no pain/discomfort whatsoever.

3. Cleaning/Sterilising – Basic principles apply, wash under warm running water, rinse and sterilise. It can be sterilised by boiling the specific parts for 5 minutes or in Microwave Steam Steriliser.

* There are more parts to clean than I’m used to (6 compared to 3), but that’s no biggie to me. They recommend a NUK branded steam steriliser, but I’ve used my no-name brand without any problems.

4. Extra thumbs up :

*The noise level – is low, like a humming and is not disruptive, I can watch tv, hear if my 10 month old has woken up in the next room or have conversations without needing to turn the pump off. (That’s a bonus with a 4yr old wanting to give me updates on his every move every few minutes.)

*The comfort – super soft cushion feels like nothing, I had to check it a few times to see if it was actually ‘attached’ to me correctly, silicon made for perfect moulding to breast. Really impressed with this part the most, didn’t realize how comfortable a pump could be!

*It’s compatible with other NUK bottles, so I finally got to use the one and only Nuk bottle I received in a sample bag from our medical aid for its rightful purpose, yay.

Happy pumping and keep it up fellow Ep’ers 🙂


Review by Kajal

Hi my name is Kajal, I’m currently using the nuk electric breast pump and its absolutely amazing I would recommend this to any mummy that wants to express with ease.