Chicco Bulb Hand Pump by Hayley O’Dell

The Chicco Manual Bulb Pump is small, super quiet and compact.

I picked mine up for just under R200 on special, but normally they cost between R300 and R350 depending on where you shop.

The suction is fantastic and great for those “can’t get a let-down” days. The flange feels comfortable and fits relatively cosy and the suction is strong but not painful.

Cleaning is a little more difficult with this pump, sometimes the milk travels down the tubing into the bulb, especially during a strong let-down, and its quite difficult to make sure you rinse it all out and get it dry to prevent mould.

Squeezing the bulb can lead to painful, crampy hands but the yield from this pump and the speed is worth it, I don’t recommend this pump for long term use, but it is fantastic for upping supply or for getting milk out quickly on the days when time is not on your side.