Spectra Dew 300 Single / Double Electric by Surita Carstens

The Spectra Dew 300 is probably one of the best electrical pumps I have used so far!


It comes as a double pump, but you can also use it as a single if you want a stronger suction power or just want to pump one breast at a time for whatever reason.

 As it will only cost you R1499 for the pump with all accessories its also the cheapest double, electric pump currently available! In some cases even costs you less than a single electric or manual pump! Its easy to buy, just visit the website http://www.spectrababy.co.za/breast-pump/ and order online! If you experience any problems the sellers are also always available for help and advice, and will help you in anyway possible!

Its easy to use, and have very little amount of cleaning to keep it running perfectly. Just sterilize the flanges and filters regularly and you wont experience problems.

What makes it even better is the fact that its a closed system pump with a long tubing that protects your pump itself from becoming infected with milk. This means that if you want, you can sell the pump afterwards and the new owner just needs to get new tubing, flanges and filters, which arent expensive at all! It also means your pump is less likely to burn out from milk residue in the pump or giving you other problems.

Its a quiet pump that makes very little noise and comes in a easy to carry box for extra protection, making transport to and from work or any other place easily accessible for anyone.

Theres a button to set the power for suctioning and if the spectra dew 300 is to slow for you theres a faster pump also available, the spectra Dew 350!

Definitely worth the money spent on it!