Almost nine months ago I gave birth to my miracle rainbow baby, he was born 6 weeks early with a congenital birth defect called myleomengocele spina bifida, he was in high care NICU for just over a month and a half and had 3 major surgeries in his first 3 weeks of life.

Shortly before giving birth I was gifted the Freemie Freedom Deluxe set, because I gave birth in a government hospital, there were no pumps or bottles allowed and once I was discharged to the NICU mothers lodge,  my husband brought me the pump.

The NICU environment is extremely overwhelming and the set schedule is draining and leaves very little time for anything, so it was a blessing to be able eat, research, update, relax or even sleep, while pumping!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to keep the electric pump in the mothers lodge, due to the lack of security I was told I had to send the pump home, but the hand pump worked fantastically well too, I was able to get out of the mothers lodge and stretch my legs, during my sons operations it was a God send because I was able to sit and pump in the operating theatre waiting room. I could also pump while in meetings with doctors or just running down to the coffee shop for something to eat.

Cleaning and storage was complicated due to circumstance, for the entire 5 weeks I lived out of a tiny cubby that didn’t lock, and the shared kitchenette was tiny. Cleaning the cups was quick and easy and I would use boiling water to sterilise my parts and store them in a zip lock bag in my drawer, the tubing and pump were easy to roll up and hide under my pillows.

Both the hand pump and electric pump work wonderfully and the added freedom of having both hands available (with electric) while pumping is revolutionary, the hand pump is easy on the hands and silent and discreet enough to be out and about while making milk!

The Freemie pump comes with collection cups, sized flanges (bonus!), tubing and a pump similar to that of the Spectra, I found this pump extremely effective, easy to use, clean and store and the mere fact that I had my hands free during pumping makes this pump and instant winner.

Freemie Freedom Deluxe set 

Freemie Equality manual set

I would highly recommend the Freemie pump any mom who works, NICU mom, moms with busy babies, moms with more than one kid, heck, I recommend it for all moms who appreciate convenience, discretion and being able to take a nap, make a snack,  do some work or entertain a kid while making that liquid gold!