The book Exclusively Pumping Breastmilk for South African Women book was due to be published at the end of November 2016.

Everything was in place and final adjustments were being done, unfortunately  my son was born 6 weeks early and with a congenital birth defect called myleomengocele spina bifida and the book was put on the back burner for a while.

Fast forward to today and things are yet to start moving again, unfortunately the funds we had allocated to the publishing of the book were spent on doctors visits and other important things in the care of our very special little boy Eli, who’s journey you can follow here on the Eli Rylee Support Page.
I am currently working with a Web designer who is helping me create an online store for the book where I will sell the pdf /kindle version to help raise the money to publish hard copies, until then, the book is available in pdf form on request for R50, if you would like to purchase the pdf version, please send an order to