I have been sitting on this post for a month now, tonight my velcro baby is happy sleeping next to me as opposed to on me, for now!

When I was in hospital with baby E, I was living in the NICU mothers lodge, which is pretty much a communal ward for the mothers of sick babies, we had a bed, small cupboard and shared bathroom and small kitchen.
There wasn’t much space to keep big bulky sterilisers, and luckily I was gifted 2 bags (thank you Carol!).
These bags were life savers; compact, convenient and easy to use!

The bags easily hold a pump, bottle, a few dummies and teats.

The bags are super easy to use, just 60 mls of water and depending on your microwave your parts can be sterilised anywhere between 2 and 5 minutes, leave the bag to cool for 2 minutes, pour out the water and you are all done.

The bags have a steam port and cool spot for safe handling, I love these safety features because I’m often in a hurry and waiting for the bag to fully cool isn’t always a choice!

They are also reusable (yay) and can be used up to 20 times per bag, and at R220 for a set of 5 bags, that’s really economical.

The bags are available at Clicks, Baby City and Dischem.

These bags are a must have for working moms, moms with babies in NICU and just for having around the house incase.

They are definitely going to be on my gift list for baby showers for the foreseeable future (heads up preggy fairies!) and we have already bought a couple of sets to keep for dummys and pumps.

The Philips Avent Steriliser Bags are a fantastic product!