There are SO many myths still around today, you would think in this day and age that most people would have their facts straight by now, but unfortunately, and often scarily, most of the common myths are spread by unknowledgeable health care professionals, but even scarier…. The weird and down right strange myths that are still hanging around today!
Here are 4 of the weirdest myths heard this year!
1. You Need To Use Surgical Spirits / Pumice Stones / Sunshine On Your Nipples While Pregnant To Prepare Your Nipples For Breastfeeding.

You seriously need to ditch this myth, you don’t ever need to prepare physically to breastfeed, what you need is a great knowledgeable support system, a realistic understanding of normal and biological infant feeding and sleeping behavior and determination. If breastfeeding hurts – then something is wrong, usually the latch or thrush, both of which are easily remedied by visiting a lactation specialist such as a Board Certified  Lactation Consultant or La Leche League Leader.

If you have been told the latch looks good but are still experiencing pain, keep insisting that a more in depth look at the latch is done, a latch can look good, but not be good, as explained by The Milk Meg here.
2. If You Breastfeed A Male Infant Past (x) Months He Will Become A Pervert / Homosexual / Rapist.

Jeesh, you have to wonder where these myths come from?!? 

There is absolutely no evidence showing sexual preference or misconduct later in life in relation to breastfeeding, we should be more concerned with the over sexualisation of breasts and women in general causing sexual deviance in young men, not nourishment in its most biologically normal way.

3. If You Engage In Sexual Intercourse In The First Three Month Of Breastfeeding Your Baby Won’t Reach Its Milestones On Time.

Just another silly myth to discourage mothers from breastfeeding and fathers from playing the extremely important role of first hand support. I’m not sure where this myth originated from, but I’m fairly certain it came from someone who lacks basic common knowledge!

4. You Shouldn’t Breastfeed After A Scare Or Traumatic Event.

This is one of the most detrimental myths out there, after a traumatic event what mom and baby needs most is that closeness and comfort! In fact the love hormones released during breastfeeding help calm both mother and child leading to less stress.

There are countless myths out there that continually circulate putting fear and doubt in the minds of new breastfeeding mothers, far, far to many to even mention, here is another list here, and a few more here, a couple more here too and some more here!
Education and confidence is your key to success and whenever you are in doubt, speak to a lactation specialist such a certified lactation consultant or La Leche League leader.