Buying a breastpump can be very daunting and confusing, there are so many types and styles of pumps out there and each mother responds differently to each pump, so here are a list of questions that might make your decision just a little bit easier.


  1. What is your budget

You don’t need the most expensive, top of the range pump in order to succeed, but getting the best quality pump that fits your budget is definitely the best option. Find out if your medical aid  covers a breastpump or not and then base your budget on what you can afford.


2. What does the manufacturer of your chosen pump offer?

Now that you have sorted out your budget, and looked at the options in your price range, it’s time to investigate what the manufacturer offers. Are spares easily available?  Do they offer after sale services in the form of repairs, telephonic troubleshooting or maintenance? Do they offer sized flanges?

Another good question to ask when looking into the manufacturer, is if the manufacturer is local, some international brands are not able to offer spares or maintenance and shipping in parts can become expensive and difficult.


3. Open or closed system?

Along with budget and after sale services, you also need to consider your environment and the possibility of resale. Open system pumps pose the risk of contamination from the air around you and the environment in which you will be required to pump. Open system pumps should not be sold or bought second hand due to the risk of contamination from bacteria, viruses, mould and allergens.

Closed system pumps are usually more expensive, but they also have a better resale value if looked after.


4. How often will you pumping?

Are you going to be exclusively pumping, or pumping at work? Or will you just be pumping occasionally for donation?

These are important questions to consider because some pumps are better suited for high intensity pumping, the worst thing would be to invest in a pump meant for occasional pumping and within a couple of months of returning to work, your pump breaks. Speak to other moms and look for reviews on the pump you have chosen.


5. Is your pump quiet, convenient and easy to transport?

With the high demand on moms to “do it all”, having a pump that is discreet, convenient and easy to transport are musts.

Can your pump be used hands free? What is the noise level like? Does it have a battery pack option? Is it easy to carry around?


When choosing a pump it’s important to get the best option that suits your individual needs, budget and demands, don’t be shy to ask lots of questions to the sales person where you intend to buy your pump, make sure that you are happy with the information given to you and make sure that you have the contact details for the manufacturer and supplier of your pump should you have any issues.
You can join the Exclusive Pumpers South Africa Facebook group to discuss pumps, pumping and get personal reviews from other moms who use the pumps.