Every single day I read posts on breastfeeding support pages and groups on how a mother with low supply, or perceived low supply, was conned into topping up with formula by her doctor or health care provider, the story usually ends out with a mother either asking for help to save her damaged supply, or comiserating on how she wishes she could still breastfeed. The Top Up Trap is real, and it’s a slippery slope.

There are legitimate cases of low breastmilk supply, but there are far more cases of booby trapped mothers being given bad advice, so why are supplemental nursing systems not being utilized in both cases? 


A supplemental nursing system, or SNS, is a gravity fed bottle, in which artificial infant milk or expressed breastmilk or donor breastmilk can be placed into and two little feeding tubes are then stuck to the breast with the tube at the nipple to deliver the extra milk while maintaining the breastfeeding relationship. (Supplementary Nursing System)

We know how breastmilk production works, the more stimulation by baby suckling at the breast, the more milk the breasts produce, so again, WHY are SNS not being recommended more often when a mother feels she needs to “top up”?