Donor milk saves the lives of thousands of vulnerable and premature infants every year, but like everything, it comes at a cost. 

We would like to ask you for your help in keeping human milk banking at it’s highest potential by making a small donation to assist Milk Matters in delivering this precious liquid gold to those who need it most.
Every mother that signs up to donate breastmilk undergoes a free screening process and blood testing for blood bourne diseases such as HIV and Hep B, the milk then undergoes specialized screening, testing and pasteurization to ensure that it is safe for premature and at risk infants, along with day to day running costs, testing, screening, transport and pasteurization costs, this can become very costly to the organisation.

A single liter of generously donated breastmilk has a process fee which is charged to the receiving hospital, but this fee is significantly less than the full cost to have the milk processed as per International guidelines. As a consequence, Milk Matters relies heavily on fundraising and generous donations.
Your donation can ensure that Milk Matters is able to take on more donors and process more milk for babies born too soon, too sick or who’s mothers are too ill to provide their own breastmilk to their babies. 

Human milk saves millions of premature infants worldwide from diseases such as necrotising enterocolitis (NEC), sepsis and long term respiratory illness.
A R10 donation directly to Milk Matters will automatically enter you into the draw for the new Spectra M1 rechargeable double electric breastpump valued at R2199, you can enter by donating as many times as you would like, it is all for a good cause!

Donations can be made directly to Milk Matters via EFT or direct deposit. 

Account name: Milk Matters

Account number: 07 288 9837

Bank: Standard Bank

Bank Code: 025 309

Reference: EPSA
Or through Milk Matters PayFast account:
Proof of payment can be emailed to for entry into the draw.
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