A great visual of the dangers lurking in second hand pumps.
It most definitely is not worth the risk or the couple of hundred rands you may save.

Parenting by any other name


So, I was looking at breastpumps before Mr. Squeakyfeatures was born, and I ended up getting a second-hand one (against advice, but I didn’t have the money for any double-pumping medela)


Now the motor on it has given out, so I opened it up today, to find out how true the claims are that second-hand pumps will have mold in them because they aren’t closed systems. 

Now, bear in mind, this is less to do with the second-handed-ness of the pump, and more to do with it’s age. It’ll probably also be affected by where it’s kept – in what kind of climate – and how often it’s used, and whether the parts are completely dry before being used.

With a first-hand pump, you can take steps to reduce mold growth, but with a second-hand one, you have no idea how old it is, or what other factors might affect…

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