My journey with Breastfeeding 

Since I found out I was pregnant my mom kept on saying “ I hope you are going to breastfeed!” me, being the ignorant, uneducated and quite frankly not interested in this topic, person that I am, replied, each time without fail “ I am indecisive and will decide when the time comes”. 
Before I knew it I found myself in theater, the morning of the 4th of July 2014 being prepped for my C-Section, my water broke on the table and that by itself was traumatic cause I thought I had wizzed myself and demanded to have the opportunity to clean up as I didn’t wanna bring my son into the world while everything smelled of pee! The nurse reassured me that my water broke and I in fact didn’t wee myself (Yes, you may laugh now!)
14:40pm, Blake Riley Enslin entered the world and happy tears were flowing, after the Pediatrician (Dr. H Lewis from die Wilgers) checked him out he casually strolled over to me and asked me “You are going to breastfeed right?” this time my reply was different since the time has now arrived, I replied “ IF I can then yes, I would like to try” he said to me that those words are in fact incorrect and I must reply with “ Yes I am going to breastfeed and I will try and try and try until he has a perfect latch!”

We had a rough and tough first few days in hospital, from baby not wanting to latch, to him only latching to the right breast, to me becoming frustrated and eventually sitting back so that the nurse can hand express me just so that my son can get something into his tummy cause I refused any form of formula top up – even got kinda paranoid and made hubby follow them each time they took baby somewhere to make sure no formula was given.
We finally managed to get a latch on the right breast and it became easier, I made the choice to ignore lefty entirely as Blake just had no interest, I am assuming its due to the very flat nipple (wish the rest of my body would adapt to lefties diet, but anyway) as the months passed I started hitting each of my goals set by myself and breastfeeding from trusty righty became easier and easier.
We are officially nearing 13 months of breast feeding and I am a registered breastmilk donor, all from just my trusty righty! Yip, I am a one boob bandit! It was not easy BUT it was entirely worth it and do-able! With this post I wish not to discourage anyone but instead encourage them by showing that all you need to successfully breastfeed is ONE boobie!!! This is a journey that has been the most rewarding and that I will cherish for ever more, I plan on breastfeeding for as long as my son wants to go at it.
Breastmilk feeding mommies, be it via a bottle or via the jugs themselves, I salute you!

It has NOT been easy, I wanted to quite many-a-times BUT looking back I can say, I have made it!

Blake rejects bottles and expressed milk entirely and due to that I express twice a day for the sole purpose of donating it to SABR for all those babies who desperately need it! I am an exclusive pumper for babies I have never and will never meet but I know, deep down in my heart that I love every single one of them just like my own.