Blocked ducts are generally caused by inflammation in the milk ducts obstructing milk from being extracted from the breast, or a clogged nipple pore, the area may feel hot, tender or slightly red.

Blocked ducts can affect supply as usually milk flow is obstructed. Blocked ducts are usually resolved through applying cold, heat or vibration to the area to work out the obstruction, massage the area during pumping. Making sure you avoid feeling engorged, avoiding tight or underwire bras will help prevent blocked ducts. 

Applying a cold compress will alleviate the swelling and inflammation and alternating between both cold and warm will help work out the clog and drain the breast. For moms who struggle with clogs on a regular basis, lethicin is the supplement of choice to help prevent clogs.

No antibiotics are needed to treat a blocked duct, but antiflammatories or pain relievers may be needed.