Power Pumping : There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding regarding power pumping and how (and why) it works.

Firstly, power pumping is where a mother would pump her breasts in a way that mimics a baby cluster feeding, there is some confusion when it comes to double and single pumping.

Double Pumping: (Double Electric Pumping Both Breasts Simultaneously)

First pump: 20 minutes
Rest period: 10 minutes
Pump: 15 minutes
Rest: 10 minutes
Pump: 15 minutes

This works out to an hour and 5 minutes.

Single Pumping: (Using a Single Electric or Manual Pump)

First Pump: alternating breasts for 20 minutes (pump until spraying flow stops and switch breasts.
Rest the breast you ended the first session while you pump the other for 10 minutes.
Rest the breast you pumped at the last 10 minute session while pumping the other breast for 10 minutes.
Continue for an hour.

Power pumping is about stimulation, you may or may not get a great yield from a power pumping session, and you may not see results immediately, but power pumping once or twice a day for 2 or 3 consecutive days will increase your supply more efficiently than any galactagogue.

Usually a baby will start cluster feeding a day a day or two before a growth spurt, they do this instinctually in order to increase moms breastmilk supply for their upcoming need, a baby may comfort suck for hours which stimulates the milk ducts to produce more milk, while it is unrealistic for a pumping mom to sit for hours attached to a pump, an hour or two a day for a few days is sufficient to help increase the milk supply.

A Few Tips:

Plan Ahead: Make sure your partner or an alternative caregiver are around to help with baby, or any other unexpected interruptions.

Make sure you have everything you need close by, drinks, snacks, remote, phone.

A great Power Pumping Hack is to sit down to an hour long (or longer if you wish) program, while watching your program, pump, as soon as an advert comes on, switch off and take a break.