As a pumping mom I have spent a lot of time trying to find something fun, educational and compact to use as a pumping bag for my pumpling, I finally think I have found the perfect product, the Busy Buddy Bag.


As a full term pumper I have had the overwhelming feeling of having to try pump and entertain a toddler, i have been in the situation where I have had to unhook multiple times a session to tend to my daughter who wanted something new to play with, or got bored with the toys available, iv stressed over the amount of time I have spent hooked up to my pump wondering if my daughter is getting the stimulation to develop skills, I spent hours sorting through activities and toys to add to the basket of toys I kept next to my pumping station, and now you don’t have to…

The Busy Buddy Bag has you covered, here is a list of the products included:

At Busy Buddy we understand the challenges involved in keeping a child entertained especially while on the go or in a waiting room, in church or the in shopping trolley. All to often we moms are so busy getting the whole family ready before an outing that we forget to pack entertainment for our energetic little ones. At Busy Buddy we know all about that and have a solution…

The Busy Buddy Bag!

At Busy Buddy we promote activities that encourage early learning and skill development appropriate for ages 2 to 5 years old.
Included in your bag are

1:​A Puzzle – Great for developing hand eye coordination, gross and fine ​motor skills and cognitive skills. They teach shape recognition, problem ​solving, develop memory and encourage patience.

2:​A Button Snake – Excellent for not only working on the beginning stages of ​learning to button, but also for working on fine motor, bilateral, visual ​perceptual, visual motor, and motor planning skills. You can also use them ​to work on increasing visual attention to task as well as improving attention ​span needed for success in childhood occupations such as dressing, self-​care, and learning.

3:​Velcro Craft Sticks – A fun, colourful activity that develops visual perception, ​problem solving, bilateral hand use, shape and letter recognition/formation ​and imagination.

4:​A Clothes Pin Game – This Montessori inspired activity helps develop a ​sense of order and pincer grasp which enables a child to pick up small ​items using the thumb and index finger, press buttons and hold a pencil. It ​also develops cognitive and fine motor skills

5:​A Book – From around the age of 2 years a child can make a true visual ​reading purely from the imagery in a book. How cool is that?! We’d like to ​​encourage that and cultivate a love for books and literature as early as ​possible

6:​A Notebook and Crayons – Crayons lead to self expression, they help teach ​colours, they develop small muscle coordination plus they constantly ​delight and amaze young children. This activity develops fine motor skills,
​creativity and imagination.

Each activity in The Buddy Bag has been lovingly selected or skillfully handcrafted for you and your little one.

Busy Buddy is run by a South African mom and her gorgeous little boy (CEO), and they cost R150 a bag.


Not only are the bags awesome for entertaining pumplings, but they are great if you have older kids to entertain while pumping or nursing your new baby.

Why don’t you check them out and make pumping sessions a breeze and filled with fun for your little ones.

Disclaimer: EPSA is in no way financially connected to the Busy Buddy brand