Pumping is by far not many woman’s favorite thing to do, and it certainly is not one of our pumplings favorite things to do either, especially when mom is attached to a pump every 2 hours and can’t meet certain needs like being held or soothed. It’s especially helpful to have activities planned for older siblings while pumping for a new baby.

Here is a short list of ideas and solutions compiled with the help of a few veteran pumpers.


Newborns thrive with constant contact with their primary caregivers, so often baby will cry during a few of your sessions, if you don’t have help on hand here are a few tips to keeping baby happy while pumping.

*if baby is very distressed, do not ignore their cries! rather unhook from your machine and tend to baby! you can always resume pumping once baby is more content.

– place baby in a car chair or rocker and rock gently with your foot while humming.

– place baby in your lap on a bed or other safe structure where baby cannot fall.

– have baby beside you in a boppy pillow.

– invest in a hands free bra and woven wrap, wear baby while pumping, it will also help with supply.

– feed baby in your lap while pumping.


Baby will be more alert, looking around, wanting the interaction with mom, he / she may not be able to sit unassisted yet so this can be a super tricky stage.
Some moms find sitting on the floor and using a hands free bra helps get two things done at once peacefully and happily.

– floor mat with books and toys.

– activity mat with mobile.

– noisy toys, bright textured books.


Baby can sit and starting to crawl, some moms are comfortable with using a walking ring or jumper during this stage.

– colorful toys and books.

– toys that can be mouthed and fiddled with.

– rolling a ball to baby.

– baby pool with balls.


Baby can crawl, stand up against things.

– if baby is older than six months, small baby led weaning style snacks are great.

– toy cars

– obstacle courses made out of pillows and blankets.

– make sure the room is baby proofed and close the door, helps if you are more mobile so using an battery operated pump or manual can help.

– non toxic paints on a large sheet of paper.


This can be an especially trying stage, baby is now walking and more demanding, but here are a few tips and products that are super helpful.

– snack time during pumping.

– close the door and pump in a baby proofed room, let them entertain themselves.

– a pumping bag, this is a bag of toys or activities that is only taken out during pumping sessions, the Busy Buddy Bags are fantastic for entertaining and are designed to encourage certain aspects of development.

– sensory bins with big beans and toys. (Keep in mind choking hazards)


Bigger toddlers (3 years on) don’t really need constant entertaining and if given age appropriate toys and activities in a safe environment they can be left to their own devices to play.