It’s that time of year again, where Eskoms scheduled load-shedding plays havoc on the lives of pumping moms across South Africa, here are some tips for pumping without power.

~ Get yourself a good quality manual pump, especially if you have only just started this journey, 3 of my personal best and recommended pumps are Philips Avent, Spectra Handy and Medela Harmony.

~ Start freezing water bottles, lots of them and then wrap them in newspaper and line your freezer with them, try keep them small and skinny, the smaller 500ml water bottles work best, I personally have about 30 water bottles in our free standing chest freezer at all times. *keep the freezer closed as much as possible avoiding opening and closing often.

~ If you don’t have the space for all those water bottles, then I recommend you check in advance where you can get dry ice on short notice, place your milk bags / bottles in a large ziplock freezer bag and emerge in a tub if cold water and dry ice.

~ A small 2 plate gas stove is awesome for boiling pump parts and bottles for sterilization and warming water for warming bottles, just keep an eye on your sterilizing as sometimes a gas stove heats quicker than a conventional stove top.

~ For those hot days and nights a small battery operated dash fan are great for pumping in comfort.

And last, but not least,

~ Make sure all your gadgets are fully charged and your books are in easy reach!

Pump on Rock Star mamma’s!