Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric

Pump costs R2799.99 including free delivery to moms door. We do have the Essentials Package and the Ultra Package where moms can get the breast pump with a whole lot of other accessories, you can see both of these and their accessories on our website,

Double electric breast pump, that can easily be adjusted to be used as a single electric pump

Easy to operate, clean and carry

Easy care due to Airlock Protection as no tube cleaning or inspection needed. No risk of mould growing in the tubing.

This is the ONLY Lab-tested, FDA approved closed system in the world, so you never need to worry about contamination for baby. Your milk stays pure always.

CustomControl, to find your perfect, unique setting and have a multi-phase experience. You can find 32 different settings on this Breast Pump. A Multi-phase experience means maximum milk expression through encouraging all your milk let-downs to occur, you are not limited to just one or two phases. You can have multiple phases

3 different types of power sources available, including a car charger or you can use batteries to operate the pump

Lightweight and portable, as motor weighs only 0.45kgs – easy to move around at home, to work or on the go

Can pump milk directly into the bottles (reusable,dishwasher&freezer safe) or the store n pour freezer bags.

You have options.
You can attach the freezer storage bags directly to the pump flanges to pump directly into them. So you dont waste any precious drops decanting from one bottle to the next.  See Store n Pour Freezer Bags or our Breastfeeding Accessories Kit

Is a CLOSED SYSTEM, therefore hygienic barrier means no milk is transferred into the motor and can be shared with no fear of hygiene as breast milk does not get contaminated

Provides 30-60 suctions and release cycles per minute

Separate speed and suction dials that work independently of each other- so as you increase or decrease one dial, the other is not affected.

ComfortFit Flange System, 7 different flanges sizes to choose from to find the perfect fit

Built in bottle or freezer bag holders

Quiet Operation, not noisy at all

Very easy to clean, very few parts to clean and sterilize

BPA and DEHP Free

A mom can add Flexishields to these flanges for extra cushioning and stimulation.

Suction of 50-250mmHg and has 8 suction settings between these pressures

Fits perfectly into the Ultra Tote Bag for Mothers on the move or at work

One year warranty on the motor, and

3 months on the milk collection kit.

Nappi Code 163367*001 to Claim from your Medical Aid if they allow

View our videos under the resource tab to get a clear illustration of all the features this world class pump has.
To see that Ameda’s Purely Yours Pump is one of the top breast pumps in the world and to compare it against others, visit or

All spares are available in SA. They deliver them anywhere in SA or can be collected from their offices.
Orders R500 and over are free delivery from the website.

As mentioned with the breast pumps, the pumps come with the std size flange but there are 7 different sizes also available.