I have been pumping exclusively for a very long time and I am always on the look out for supply boosting goodies, I have rounded up my top 5 supply boosting foods and drinks.

Coconut Water

You might have seen the coconuts filled with liquid on the shelves of your local Pick n Pay, but they are kind of pricey, I found a 6-pack of coconut water at Checkers that was much cheaper than buying a few coconuts!

Oat Milk

Woolies has the best, hands down! But it can work out a little pricey, I found the Dischem brand slightly different, but still palatable and much cheaper.


I have continually found smoothies to have a boosting effect on my supply, one of my favorites is banana, strawberry and apple, Woolies have a nice range but I find homemade smoothies both healthier and cheaper.

Coconut Milk

I’m not sure if my boobs just love coconut, but everytime coconutty products touch my lips my supply seems to respond! The new brand at Dischem is reasonably priced and super yummy!

Pinkys Boobie Bikkies

I ordered a few boxes over the internet a few weeks ago and they arrived the other day via family coming to visit, it did work out a little expensive but they are delish and really do make a difference, they really were worth the wait! You can order yours here.

Please note that what works for one person may not work for another.

And remember,