I was given the book “Mealtimes Made Fun by Debbie Wareham and Kim Jurgens” by my mom, and I can honestly say that I wish I had this book right from the start.

The information on breastfeeding is factual, helpful and it has lots of tips and tricks for some common issues that arise with breastfeeding and how to make breastfeeding as easy as possible for both mom and baby, there is also a wealth of information on weaning onto solids and baby led weaning. It also addresses some of the common myths surrounding starting solids early and sleep and solids.


The Purees and Soft Foods section is full to the brim with healthy, easy recipes, a personal favorite on mine is the Leek and Potato soup, which was so good I almost didn’t want to share it!!!!
There are also a few recipes where you could possibly replace the whole milk with expressed milk.

The Snack section is also full of a lovely combination of a well balanced snack options and the Toddler Treats has a wonderful variety of quick, easy snack meals, which taste terrific. (You HAVE to try the Strawberry and Macadamia Bread!)

There is also a section on Table Foods for the Family, which has a fantastic selection of healthy meal options which we just doubled for dinner and were able to have some left overs for lunch the next day!

Recently my daughter has been extremely ill, it was wonderful to hand over the book to my husband so he could make us some healthy meals while I tended to my sick child, he spent so much time in the kitchen he even managed to finally fix that leaky kitchen tap! (While he secretly munched on Cheesy Biltong Wheels!!)

My daughter has been a poor feeder since birth, and as a toddler she is extremely picky and I’m often at a loss for healthy options that fall within her preferred group of foods, we have found some delicious treats that she is been quite happy to try. This book has really been a life saver for this tired mom who sometimes feels like all I feed my child is soft toast and clean rice!

If you ever want a cookbook that offers a variety of baby and toddler foods which the whole family will love, then I definitely encourage you to find this book! It certainly has earned its place in my kitchen!