Every so often you encounter a phrase like “you are a bottle feeder, regardless of what’s in the bottle”, or “you aren’t a breastfeeding mother if your baby doesn’t latch and nurse”, well I’ve had it, and on behalf of the greater EPer community, I’m going to set some things straight.

Breastfeeding is the act of nourishing a child from your own breast, most people get confused between NURSING and PUMPING, whether you nurse your sweet baby at the breast or work tirelessly to pump that liquid gold for your little angel, you are STILL breastfeeding!

2. You won’t be as bonded, breastfeeding offers a special bond.
I call BS, I nurse my child close with a bottle, we have kept our “breastfeeding journey” as close to nursing as humanly possible and we share an unbreakable and loving bond. To me that’s as offensive as saying if you don’t bedshare with your kids they won’t love you forever! EPers love their babies so much they dedicate a whole heap of time to give them the best, its a little hurtful to tell a mom who works her hiney off to nourish her child through pumping that she won’t have a good a bond as those who nurse!

3. Your child won’t get the benefits of antibodies.
Its true that the babys saliva sends messages to your body to create the exact antibodies needed to protect your little munchkin from that nasty cold, but the mother herself also contains (most likely) the same antibodies within her own system which are passed through the milk, not to mention that squidgy kisses and cuddles can help mom pick up whatever nasty germs are lurking around her cutie!

Another 2 that irk most EPers are:

4. Pumping damages your breasts
Nope, complete and utter poopy-diaper!
If used correctly (correct flange size, suction strength not too high), a breastpump cannot damage your breasts, ever!

5. If you don’t latch within 6 weeks your milk will dry up.
Again, poopy-diaper!
EPing is definately a viable long-term option for providing your shnookums with breastmilk, it takes a strict schedule and loads of dedication, but it can be done!

Exclusive Pumpers are breastfeeders, we have wonderful, normal bonds with our pumplings, we not only provide our babies with nourishment, but also the wonderful antibodies that protect them and we work hard to do it!
And if you are sitting there thinking well why don’t you just nurse your baby? Read here and here and last but not least here

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