Traveling with kids alone is bad enough, it always seems as though you have everything you own bar the kitchen sink, traveling as an exclusive pumper is a whole ‘nother level!

Here are some tips for traveling as an EPer (or working mom):

By Plane
A few tips while traveling by plane as an EPer:
Phone the airline and enquire about any facilities for nursing / pumping mothers in the airport (should your flight be delayed).
Enquire about their breastfeeding policies inflight, some airlines will allow you to use a battery operated or manual pump in a designated area of the plane on long haul flights.
Ask in advance about traveling with milk, can you store milk in the plane cold store? How much milk can you bring on the flight? Will they allow a cooler with dry ice?

By Bus
Bus trips are usually long journeys and you will most likely need to pump, you can call the station and enquire on their policy on pumping during your trip, if the bus has an onboard toilet you may be banished to the loo, take a towel to sit on and bag with supplies, don’t forget your cooler for the milk! You will most likely need to use battery operated or manual.

By Car
Many electric pumps have car adapters, while they aren’t as effective as a wall plug, they certainly are convenient and handy.
Remember to keep a cooler in the car and a blanket or nursing cover.

Short Trips
A weekend away doesn’t have to mean you need to pack an extra bag just for pumps, sterilisers and all the bits and bobs. Medela offers pump wipes which are heaven sent while taking well deserved short trips away.
Make sure to find out if your hotel / bed and breakfast room offers a fridge.

Traveling Abroad
Traveling overseas is always exciting, but in that excitement you need to remember to pack international plug adapters, also don’t forget to bring spares for your pump, it may be slightly awkward trying to ask about pumping in a foreign language!

While traveling it is easy to forget to pump or get overwhelmed in the daily activities, planning ahead and having designated times to pump while away on holiday can ensure that you don’t end up prematurely weaning before you have reached your breastfeeding / pumping goals. Its also beneficial to inform family and friends of the importance of providing breastmilk to your baby and be honest with how much time you need before an outing, with support and perseverance you will be able to maintain your pumping schedule and still have FUN!

Pumping Supply Checklist:

Manual pump add-ons (Ameda)
Duck Bills (extras)
Diaphragms (extras)
Tubing (extras)
Sterlizing wipes
Electric or Microwave Sterilizer (check for availibility of microwave)
Bottle Brush
Hands Free Pumping Bra
Collection bottles
Bottle stoppers and Lids
Storage bags
Ice packs
Cooler bag

Is there anything you would add?

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