You finally get that positive pregnancy test and your journey begins. Or should I say, your research begins…

As a newly pregnant mother we will most likely research our pregnancies, our symptoms, what foods we can and can’t eat, our babies progress, our caregiver be it a gynae or midwife, we research our birthing options, nursery furniture, vaccinations, pediatricians and hospital, but most of us don’t research our feeding options or the lactation consultant provided by the hospital, and we should!

Most new moms know from the get-go that breastfeeding is something that they wish to do, others don’t even think about feeding at all until baby is born, some will initiate breastfeeding but give up shortly after and some do not wish to breastfeed at all, either due to previous traumatic experiences, societal pressure, misinformation or lack of knowledge on breastfeeding, whatever the reason or which ever category you fall under, we all need a complete mind shift of how we look at infant feeding and who we get our information from.

You wouldn’t take health care advice from a butcher, nor would you take cancer treatment advice from a podiatrist, so why are we so quick to accept advice regarding breastfeeding from a pediatrician, nurse or dietitian?
The truth is that doctors and nurses only study the very basics of breastfeeding at best and are not qualified to give advice when difficulty arises. Sadly many doctors, dietitians and clinic staff are not pro-breastfeeding past the initial 6 week mark and majority of them have little to no knowledge on breastfeeding benefits or positions.

It comes down to this, if you want legitimate advice on breastfeeding, then you need a professional who is qualified in breastfeeding, preferably one who is an IBCLC or SACLC.

Did you know that just about anybody can claim that they are a “certified lactation consultant”?
Yup, any old “joe” off the side of the road can make up a website, have a cutesy business card and sell themselves as a certified lactation consultant! Even men! And even formula representatives!
Scary, isn’t it!

So how do you know if your LC is legit?

You can contact IBCLC on their website here or you can contact SACLC here.

ALWAYS check credentials!

Alternatively you can contact La Leche League who have leaders who are experienced, passionate and have an intimate understanding and knowledge of breastfeeding.

There are also Certified Breastfeeding Councilors, Post Partum Doulas who specialise in Breastfeeding Support and La Leche League Breastfeeding Peer Councilors who all study breastfeeding and have more than the basic knowledge of breastfeeding and can help with most common issues that arise.

Again, ALWAYS check credentials and most importantly… trust your instincts!
If your LC is causing a bigger issue in your breastfeeding struggles or at anytime suggests formula, or is not supportive of your personal goals, chances are, she is not legit!

A solid foundation in a successful breastfeeding relationship starts with the correct, most accurate and supportive advice from a professional in the field of breastfeeding.
Don’t settle for anything less!