It is “Keep Britain Breastfeeding” in the UK this week and one of the members of an Exclusive Pumping group wrote this beautiful post.
It is wonderful to know what a supportive, kind and together community the EP groups are, we have all experienced the same challenges, let downs and stigma attached to bottle feeding our breastfed babies.

dontcryoverspilledmilk  At times it can seem like the breastfeeding community is a small one. With formula adverts everywhere and encouragement to wean to food and cow’s milk as early as possible, it can feel like breast feeders (especially extended) are in the minority.

However small this community, there is an even smaller corner of it.

A corner that keeps itself to itself due to fear (or sadly, experience) of being judged and put down.

A lot of the members don’t even realise that there are others like them but if they did they would find the most understanding and determined support network.

This corner is the exclusive pumping community.

It is a diverse group and one which I have proudly belonged to for over two years – so far.

During this time I have been told that it is a waste of time. It’s weird. I cannot do it…

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