Medela Calma Feeding Device and Bottles

I remember reading a magazine 3 years back and seeing an advert on the Medela Calma, I had wanted to try the feeding device out but unfortunately my little one was pretty particular about her current bottle and it had been a pretty intense fight to get her to take breastmilk from anything other than a 3ml syringe so I daren’t even try switching, ever!!!

I did however buy the bottles and feeding devices as a gift for a friend for her baby shower last year. She recently returned to work and gave the Medela Calma feeding devices a try, here’s what she had to say about them:

“I had received 3 Medela Calma feeding devices and bottles as gifts for my baby shower, I had managed to successfully breastfeed for the first 6 and a half months at the breast and then it was time to return to work where I planned on expressing and having my son bottle fed at grandma’s.

At first I was a little weary as the nipples looked a little complicated and I wondered how my baby would manage on the nipple, to be honest I even gave them a go myself with a bottle of juice!

It took 3 attempts to get my son drinking from the bottle, my mother-in-law had no issues with my son drinking, he winded easily, had no reflux or colic and experienced very little to no stomach discomfort at all because he didn’t gulp down the breastmilk like on a normal teat.
He also transitioned easily between breast and bottle and we have no preference issues at all, I guess he either doesn’t mind where his milk comes from or he doesn’t notice the difference much as drinking from the Calma’s are just so similar to drinking at the breast.

All in all, I love my Calma feeding devices and have even bought 6 more and have been able to use them with other brands of bottles.

Mandy – Mom to Garvin (7months)”

An inside look at the design of the feeding device

An inside look at the design of the feeding device

It is such a pleasure to see that Medela has put in so much effort and research into producing a feeding device that so closely mimics the natural feeding action of an infant on the breast, we can only hope that in the years to come other manufacturers will realise the importance of breastmilk and promoting and protecting the mother and child breastfeeding relationship and follow suit.

Pump On Mumma