To all the EP moms on this journey along side me;
When you feel guilt, remember what an INSPIRATION you are to so many.
When you feel anger, remember the LOVE and DEDICATION it takes it be an EP mamma.
When you feel sadness, look inside yourself and find your PRIDE.
When you feel like a failure, remember that failures don’t give up, you are a FIGHTER.

Repost from the blog Hilltop Hippie


Every now and then I read an amazing story about how a mom, forced to EP due to situations very similar to my own, manages to get baby to latch and successfully exclusively breastfeed.

I am left wondering; did I try hard enough, did I persevere for long enough, did I speak to the right people, did I fight hard enough?

Some days I can easily blow it off and remind myself that I have expressed for longer than most people even breastfeed for, I persevered to give her breastmilk regardless of any obstacles I faced, but some days, like today it eats me alive, sitting wondering if I really did do everything I could, of course I know I did, but the doubt, guilt and sadness is still there.

I guess I will always mourn the fact I didn’t get to breastfeed the way nature intended, the way I longed to, the way I dreamt I would while my daughter was still a squirmy little bean in my belly, but as hard as it is to accept and come to terms with, I need to remember I have done enough.

Pump Strong