I stumbled upon the Mimijumi brand a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with the beautiful design of these bottles.

As a mom who was unable to breastfeed due to many issues, who instead of turning to formula decided to exclusively pump, this bottle is exactly what I would have wanted over 3 years ago when I began my “breastfeeding via bottle” journey.

I was lucky enough to find a local mom who uses Mimijumi bottles, and she let me take a closer look at the bottles, and I have to say that the design is just beautiful and the feel is amazing.
She raved for hours about how her baby was the only little one who seemed to have skipped the colicky stage and she puts it down to her Mimijumi bottles. She was also very grateful that her breastfeeding journey between nursing at the breast and the unavoidable bottle feeding while at work was going so smoothly.

As far as bottles go, they are reasonably well priced and just beautiful to look at with high attention to detail and a great natural feel, they are also easily washable, which is a big plus for busy moms.

This is what Mimijumi has to say about their bottles on their website:

“The design concept of mimijumi baby bottles is based on the psychological dynamics of feeding/soothing items as transitional objects. Created with input from Designers, Mothers, Nurses, Physicians, and Lactation Experts, mimijumi’s first product the Very Hungry Baby Bottle was conceived as a natural, modern and stylish complement to breastfeeding with every possible function and feature added to it that could be asked for in a baby bottle. Specifically designed to be the most natural feeding solution available all the way down to the pores on our nipples, the transition from breast to bottle and back again has never been so easy.
mimijumi. It’s the next breast thing.”

For moms who are returning to work and would like to transition easily between breast and bottle I highly recommend this product with their slow flow nipples.

For more information and a look at their products, you can follow this link to their website.

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