There are some very important tips in this link from Best For Babes to pass on to caretakers of breastfed babies.

Holding and introducing the bottle of expressed breastmilk to baby in a respectful and safe manner is just as important as what is in the bottle.

It is also so important to make sure that your childs caregiver knows the proper handling and storage of breastmilk.

Breastmilk should be kept at the back of the fridge, never in the fridge door as it is colder and the temperature is more constant in the back of the fridge.

Once a bottle has been warmed and offered to baby, it can be placed back into the fridge and offered again within 4 hours provided that it hasn’t sat out for longer than 2 hours and it is offered to only your child.

Breastmilk can be warmed by holding the bottle under warm running water or heated in a jug of hot water. NEVER microwave breastmilk, not only does it destroy nutrients, but it can lead to dangerous “hot spots” in the milk.

Never shake breastmilk, any fatty deposits on the side of the bottle can be incorporated with a gentle swirl.

Breastmilk should not be contaminated with tap water or other additives in order to “stretch the milk”.

Breastmilk is liquid gold!

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