Returning to work can be a very stressful period for a mom, especially when it comes to trying to figure out how much milk to leave for your baby while you are at work.

Research suggests that a breastfed babies intake increases rapidly between birth and 6 months and then plateaus at an average between 570ml – 900mls per day throughout the rest of the breastfeeding / pumping journey, although it is always important to remember that is merely a guideline and some babies may take more or less depending on their individual needs.

This calculator from Kellymom shows you how to calculate the approximate amount of milk baby should receive per feed while you are away, however some moms feel more comfortable to send an extra bottle or two in those first few days in order to see how baby gets on with feeding while she is at work.

Remember to remind your carer of the proper way to store, heat and handle your precious milk, as well as how to feed baby in a breastfed-friendly and respectable way. This post on the importance of correct bottle feeding techniques for breastfed babies contains a link from Best for Babes on how to respectfully offer a bottle to a breastfed baby and should be shared with carers of breastfed babies.