 Has just won Gold in the UK for the best breastfeeding product of the year.

 Ameda is the originator of breastpumps, so the oldest in the world and still one of the world leaders today- it is a brand that has been trusted for more than 75years

 The Double Electric Purely Yours Provides comfort, flexibility, adjustability, convenience and a fast and easy pumping experience for mothers.

 It has Proven Airlock to prevent airflow between expressed milk and pump tubing to ensure the milk does not become contaminated. It is the world’s only FDA approved CLOSED SYSTEM. So your milk is safe from any viruses, mold or bacteria.

 Easy care due to Airlock Protection as no tube cleaning or inspection needed

 Custom Control allows up to 32 different combinations to choose from to ensure a mother finds her perfect setting for optimum results and adjust during milk expression to ensure maximum milk flow.

 This dual adjustability lets the mother select the best level for her to ensure optimum milk flow and comfort. This creates a multi-phase pumping experience

 Is a double electric pump but can be adjusted to be a single electric pump

 BPA and DEHP Free

 50-250mmHg, has 8 suction settings between these pressures

 Easy to operate, clean and carry

 Provides 30-60 suctions and release cycles per minute

 Separate speed and suction dials allows for Custom control- find your best setting/cycle, has 4 speed settings

 ComfortFit Flange System (Different flange sizes available to ensure you have the best fit)

 Lightweight and portable, as motor weighs only 0.45kgs – easy to move around at home, to work or on the go

 3 different types of power sources (car charger available/batteries/power cord). Allows flexibility for the working mom or mom on the go

 Built in bottle or freezer bag holders, so you don’t lose a drop of milk from any bottles falling over

 Can pump milk directly into the bottles or freezer bags so you don’t waste any precious drops



 Why not make your pumping experience an even easier one by adding a hands-free pumping bra to your pumping routine! No pumping mom should be without one of these!

 PumpEase is the world’s ONLY fashionable hands-free pumping bra. So a mom not only looks & feels good while pumping but is able to read, write, text, surf, shop on line and tend to your baby all while pumping!

 A huge relief and help to mom. We all know moms need more than two hands, and with a PumpEase Bra we give moms back their hands while pumping!

 They feature flexibility, quality, innovation, durability, accessibility, design and style.

 They are also better for baby as their bold fabrics are stimulating for baby’s visual development.

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