Sitting here at midnight,
Sleep has filled the air.
The squeak of my dear breast pump
Is all that you can hear.

The milk is dribbling slowly,
Into this bottle I need to full.
My flange is sitting snuggly,
While my pump gives me a pull.

As I look down at my snoozing baby,
My reason for it all,
I get that happy gush of milk
Pour down like a waterfall

I put the bottle in the fridge,
Awaiting mornings feed,
When baby wakes for “milkies”
I will need it with a dash of speed.

Pumping isn’t easy,
No one ever said that it would be.
But babys needs come first,
And the best milk comes from me.

So get that sucker going,
Our loyal “breast” friend.
Because I’m an Exclusive Pumper
Right to the very end!

Pump Strong Ladies