The Spectra breastfeeding range has been trusted by hospitals and mothers overseas since 1999. In January 2011 the Spectra Dew 300 Double Electric Breast Pump was introduced to the South African market. To date hundreds of units have been sold to hundreds of happy customers, including mothers of multiples and hospitalized babies, working mothers with limited pumping time at their disposal, and mothers who pump exclusively because their babies are unable to feed directly from the breast. The Dew 300’s comfortable and effective pumping action and whisper quiet operation are arguably the most prominent features that distinguish it from other electric breast pumps available in South Africa.

In November 2013 Spectra South Africa launched the Dew 350 Electric Breast Pump on the market. It boasts the same hospital-grade technology, comfortable motion, fully adjustable suction strength, and exceptionally quiet operation as the Dew 350 – only, it is even more effective. With a pumping speed of 46 cycles per minute – compared to the Dew 300’s 30 cycles per minute – it is designed to mimic the natural sucking pattern of a baby at the breast even more closely.

The Dew 350 is sold as a basic single pump, with the option to be instantaneously converted into a double pump by attaching an additional Breast Shield Set. Note that the Breast Shield Set does not contain an extra bottle; you could either use your own standard-sized, narrow-necked bottle as a second bottle to pump into, or purchase a set of five Spectra Breast Milk Storage Bottles. A third option is to use the adaptor rings included with the pump and shield sets, which enable you to pump directly into certain brands of wide-necked bottles.

The Dew 350 comes with a set of back-flow prevention filters, which create a closed system, protecting the motor unit from contamination and growth of mould. All attachments that come into contact with breast milk, are BPA free. The Dew 350 is backed by a one-year guarantee.

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