Power Pumping:

Power pumping is a technique where you would mimic a baby cluster feeding which signals your body to produce more milk.

This techniques involves pumping in short sessions over a short period of time to stimulate the breast, you would use power pumping sessions in conjunction with your regular pumping schedule.

Some women find a 10 minute on (pumping), 10 minutes off (resting) for an hour a day to be sufficient in boosting supply, while others need more than 10 minutes to elicit a let down or “get into pumping”. Some women do power pumping sessions for 2 hours a day, and some do 2 or more power sessions in a day.

Doing a power pump once or twice a day when supply is dropping or to prevent supply from dropping when you decide to drop a pump can be very beneficial to maintaining or increasing supply.

Personally I found 15 minutes on, 10 minutes off for an hour and a half twice a day, when supply is dipping, helped boost my supply within 2 to 3 days.

A quick tip for power pumping: you don’t have to wash and sterilize your pump between the 10 minute sessions, keep lots of fluids close at hand and make sure you have a snack available too.
Find a comfortable seat (don’t slouch) and keep your babys picture or a recording handy. Use the restroom beforehand and make sure you have done everything you feel is important before sitting down to pump, it also helps to have a helping hand for your baby while you are busy.

You may not see an instant increase in supply, but don’t get despondent, just keep doing power pump sessions for a few days along with your regular pumping schedule and within a day or two your supply should start to increase.

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