Recently I was asked why my original goal for pumping was set at 3 years, after all its so much hard work, wasn’t I afraid I would fall short and not reach my goal?

Goals are something that are incredibly important to keep focus and inspiration alive. Goals are something to strive for on hard days and celebrate on good ones.

Before my daughter was born, my plan was to breastfeed for 3 years, I had read up on breastfeeding and the benefits and I felt 3 years was a suitable and “easy” goal to reach. Unfortunately I was thrown a curve ball when my daughter had difficulty latching. Breastfeeding was obviously not as “easy” as I had anticipated.

Even though I then faced a completely different breastfeeding journey, I still wanted to stick to my original goal of 3 years. I believed in breastmilk, if not in myself, some belief was always there, right from the beginning. It was important that there was some belief, in something, because some belief grew into self-belief, which grew into strength, which grew into determination, which has grown into success.

I knew my own breastmilk was what was best for my child, so I had to dig deep, I had to find that drive, determination and self-belief, somewhere in those early days, I just had to KNOW I could do it, I could never doubt myself, if I allowed even one iota of doubt, then it would grow, and the more it grew, the less self confidence and belief I would have in myself, I couldn’t allow that to happen. I couldn’t fail, I already felt I had failed on so many levels, I was not prepared to go down without a WAR!

I had to push, I had to fake self-belief sometimes too, if I told myself I could do it 100 times a day, eventually I would believe it. Right?
Right! We ARE our thought, our thoughts become US!

Even though I had a set goal in mind I still had to take it day-by-day sometimes, I still had to get up some mornings after a measly 3 hours sleep and look in that mirror and tell myself;

“I believe in you, you’ve got this”

I had to, I sometimes still have to!

Setting goals is important, so is believing in yourself, believing in your abilities, KNOWING you can do it!

Positive thoughts bring positive energy…