As I approach the 3 year mark of exclusively expressing for J I have been met with loads of skeptism and the infamous question of when will I stop “wasting” my time pumping breastmilk for my toddler when there is “perfectly good milk I can buy in the shops”, well I’m sorry to burst your bubbles but….

Cows milk is just another mammals breastmilk, its just really meant for calves while my milk is meant for my child and still packed with antibodies, nutrition and brain building fats that no formula company could ever replicate. *formula’s are based on cow milk protein*

So when will I stop…? Well the normal NATURAL weaning age for a child is between 4 and 7 years old, a childs immune system only fully matures around 6 and until then breastmilk helps to build and sustain that growing immune system, I probebly won’t pump until she is 6 but I just thought I’d share that really neat bit of info with you, in actual fact when I decide to stop it will be no one elses business, just like its really no one elses business now but for some reason my boobs and the milk I produce seem to come up mid-conversation when speaking to the majority of family members and friends, I resolved that the next time someone asks if I’m still “breastfeeding” I’m just going to ask them if they have stopped breastfeeding, seeing as though they probebly had *cows* breastmilk in their morning cereal or tea!

By the way, other healthy alternatives to cows breastmilk is coconut milk, rice milk and almond milk, all yummy and none of them come from another mammals boobs…. 😉